Plastic Granulator Works

Date: 20th Nov, 2015

Plastic granulating machine is mainly used for processing waste plastic film, bags, bottles, and other daily necessities. The most common waste plastics can be used by plastic granulator for reproduction, so plastic granulator is currently the most widely used plastics recycling processing machinery. Then we introduce plastic granulator line working principle for u.

plastic recycling machine working principle: After the plastic into the hopper, then fall smoothly on the screw, bitten by screw thread, with the rotation of the screw thread is forced to the head direction, constitute a mechanical transmission processing. Plastic nose to run from the charging port, due to the depth of the screw thread is gradually reduced, but also because of the filter. Presence manifold and head resistance, etc., formed in the plasticizing process of high pressure, the pressure is very close to the material to improve its conduction heat helps melt plastic quickly. At the same time, gradually increasing the pressure so that the original information in the material between the gas discharged from the vent.

While the pressure increases, the plastic on the one hand by external heating, on the other hand the plastic itself in compression, shear, stirring process, due to internal friction also produce a lot of heat, under the combined effects of external and internal forces, the plastic temperature gradually increased, its physical state also experienced a glassy state to a high elastic to viscous flow state changes. General to say, the state is mainly glass, in the screw thread decreasing the middle part of the compression section, the main material for bombs from the state, while gradually melt, and materials sub-ah compression section and the rear section of the role of the state in viscous flow, Here plastic has completely plasticized by the screw reasoning action plasticized plastic constant pressure, quantitatively, uniformly continuous extrusion from the head.

These are plastic pelletizing machine works. In the use of the process, in order to ensure the normal operation of the equipment and longer service life of plastic granulation production line maintenance, it is very important to operate in strict accordance with the operating specifications.

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