Plastic Pelletizing Machine

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Quick Details

  1. Use for HDPE plastic pelletizing machine, LDPE plastic pelletizer machine.
  2. Output:100kg/h-550kg/h.
  3. Double stage or singe stage.
  4. It include cabinet,plastic pelletizer machine extruder,water cooling tank,blower,plastic cutter machine,crushing machine is option.


This set is use for HDPE/LDPE hard scraps.


Water ring hot cutting pelletizing line.
Round pellet,have the similar shape with the new pellet.
According to customers’requirement,shaker can be adopted.
Water ring pelletizing could avoid the problem of strand broken during processing.
Recycle plastic granules making machine price will meet your needs best.


This set is single stage ,made up of single screw extruder,water cooling tank,blower, plastic cutting machine.And can add convey belt,crusher,agglomerator,mixer,dewatering machine,plastic storage according to customers different demands.Also can add two stages according to material condition.


Model Screw dia(r/mn) Long dia ratio Output(kg/h) Screw rotate speed(r/min) Power(kw)
SPB120 Ф120 25-28:1 160-220 75 45-55
SPB130 Ф130 25-28:1 250-300 75 55-75
SPB140 Ф140 25-28:1 300-350 70 75-90
SPB150 Ф150 25-28:1 350-450 70 110-132
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