Routine Maintenance and Maintenance of plastic blow molding machine extruder for Silver Python machinery

Date: 24th Jun, 2017

The conventional maintenance and maintenance of plastic blow molding machine extruder is as follows:

1. to ensure that the use of plastic raw materials and filler without debris, foreign body, in particular, is strictly prohibited metal, gravel and other hard material into the hopper.

2. pre-heating time is guaranteed, boot can be used before the manual car, to set the temperature after the set temperature 2-3h.

3. after the operation of the new machine running, the gear box should be replaced with lubricating oil, and to ensure that every subsequent operation 4000H replacement.
The screw to low speed start, idle time can not be more than 2 minutes.

4. When the main motor is a DC motor, check the brush work of the motor every month and find the problem to be replaced in time.

5. long time without downtime, pay attention to rust, anti-fouling.

6. Daily inspection items: lubrication of each lubrication point, oil level display, the temperature and noise of the bearing parts of the operation, the motor current fluctuation, the voltage display, the temperature of the lubricating oil and cooling water, and the leakage of the hydraulic pipe.

Removal and maintenance of screw

1. to determine the material within the barrel completely melted and then remove the nose, out of the screw

2. To prevent the screw from being deformed or damaged during extraction, the copper wire rope has a hose

3. Clean the surface material and carbon deposits with copper rods

4. measuring screw diameter, the general wear allowable limit is less than 2mm.

5. Straightness deviation of the screw axis should be checked with the specified 8-level accuracy, otherwise it should be corrected.

6. chrome layer off the Department can be used to brush plating or spray repair method.

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