Requirement of Extrusion Production of Wood – Plastic Products by plastic granulating machine

Date: 26th Jul, 2017

Wood-based products are currently very few domestic manufacturers, the main reason is how to control this profile in the long-term use of deformation. The deformation of wood products to control within the allowable range, is still unable to solve.

1, the treatment of plant fiber before production. First of all, the plant fiber in the hot air circulation drying equipment for drying. Depending on the plant fiber type, can be 80-200 degrees Celsius temperature range, to pay special attention to temperature and time control, in order to avoid its angle or carbonization. Resin and plant fiber compatibility is poor, pay attention to the choice of coupling agent, dosage, treatment process and the choice of lubricant. The amount of the ratio between them is the key to the quality of wood-plastic products.

2, plasticized melt is molded in the mold after molding, so the requirements of the mold in the stereotypes to this long, which is a section of the cooling water can pass through the stereotypes section. Melt in the mold to complete the initial cooling and molding products, and then into the cooling stereotypes.

3, the extrusion speed is generally controlled in the range of 0.2-1m / min.

4, the extrusion of the product, because the melt strength than the pure plastic products melt strength is poor, so do not allow too much traction.

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