Post consumer film wastes recycling

In terms of volumes, one of the largest sections in film recycling is certainly composed by post-consumer film waste recycling.
Post-consumer film quality can significantly vary according to the market conditions and mainly depends on the type of collecting and pre-sorting systems which are employed by the recyclers. The material collected may present different degrees of humidity and contamination. In addition, waste film is often in very different printing conditions and shapes.
PE film is used abundantly in the packaging industry, meaning that it reaches most households as a container for many items of daily use. PE films may serve as wraps to preserve food, garbage bags, grocery bags, and goods packgaing. PP films are also widely used as food wraps.
In the Silver Python film recycling lines, it is possible to properly separate – throughout different automatic detection systems – the fractions of PP and multi-layers which could contaminate the input materials. The presence of this material could decrease the quality of the final product.
Silver Python can properly treat any contaminated post consumer film and bring the final output washed flakes back to be reused (alone or blended with other materials) even in new film blowing applications.
All Silver Python recycling system is offered with a centralized controlled system to allow system management. Complete water treatment facilities can be provided. The best product quality, coupled with low costs can be achieved by Silver Python.
Waste post consumer film wastes
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