Plastic recycling and pelletizing production line

Date: 22nd Jul, 2016

Plastic pelletizer machine is applied to the following materials: Polycarbonate, PC, nylon, polyamide, PA, polyacetal, polyoxy Methylene, POM,PSF, poly phenylene Oxide, denatured PPE,PETP, PBTP, polyphenylene sulfide, PPS, polyaryl ester, phenolic plastics, epoxy plastics, and other engineering plastics granulating processing.

Plastic recycling machine is good at processing of waste plastic film, bags, convenient bags, pots, barrels, bottles, furniture, daily necessities and other aspects. Waste plastic recycling Plastic Granules Making machine applies to most common waste plastics. Waste plastics recycling machinery is the most versatile, most widely used, most welcomed by users.

Engineering plastics recycling is automatic from crushing raw materials, washing, fedding to granulating.

Silver python’s plastic granulator machines look nice. Yield, high degree of particle ripening. Waste plastic recycling pelletizing machinery, obedient renewable granulator plastic waste can not be changed once the molding history. Plastic Recycling Extruder Line Granulator Machine is the main equipment of waste plastic recycling granulation, take full advantage of the high-pressure continuous friction heating system, automatic heating production, to avoid the continuous heating, power section using split automatic distribution system to ensure the safe and normal motor operating screw and cylinder are made of imported high-strength high-quality carbon structural steel, durable. After the increase with the die, but also the production of films, plates, tubes, wire, profiles and other comprehensive performance is better than the existing domestic other models, reduce cost per ton compared to about 35%.

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