plastic floating dock blow molding machine



plastic blow molding machine to manufacture plastic floating dock in different shape

Machine Features:
-The screw adopts IKV design, with high potency melt to make sure the material well mixed.
-Adopt frequency control of motor system to reduce the power consumption.
-Adopt  Parison thickness controller Moog 100 points, to make thickness even and adjust the tank weight in big span.
-Fully automatic, easy to operate, two women can operate machine, whole production line need 3 or 4 person only.
-High output versus Roto molding machine
-Save raw material 25% – 35% versus Roto technology.
-Perfect impact resistance versus Roto technology.
-Multi layers co-extrusion.
-The mechanical arm can take out the product automatically.



floating dock,One-time blow molding, no seams, good strength, impact resistance, with anti-ultraviolet, anti-corrosion, can withstand changes in the natural environment and low temperature attack, and in line with environmental standards, pollution-free, recyclable. The overall use of modular structure, easy assembly, fast, diversified shape, according to the needs of the combination into any shape, any size floating platform. The product can be planned, designed and constructed according to the actual needs of the project. It is widely used in water engineering construction of different purposes such as boat docking dock, floating platform, floating bridge, water stage and water swimming pool.

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