Plastic blow molding product types

Date: 24th Jun, 2017

Silver python machinery, is a producer of plastic blow molding machine with 10 years..According to our knowledge, we will use according to Divided into two major categories of packaging containers and industrial parts. Which packaging containers such as various bottles, barrels, cans and so on. Industrial parts such as auto parts, office supplies, construction supplies, furniture, household appliances accessories, cultural and sporting goods. Hollow blow molding products used in the most packaging containers, according to its external shape will be divided into the following categories of packaging containers

1 round container, is used to do more is also a larger amount of a shape, such as different volume of the barrel barrels and so on. Mainly used for cosmetics and other materials, daily necessities and storage and storage. The main feature of this type of container is the large capacity, the use of materials, blow molding wall thickness is easy to control, mold processing is easy, low cost, but the transport area than the rectangular container.

2 rectangular containers, rectangular and square of the points, the advantages of shape support area, storage stability, easy to stack and transport, but the load-bearing strength is smaller than the round container, forming wall thickness is not easy to control, especially the corner wall thickness is thin The

3 oval container, this type of container combines the advantages of round and rectangular hollow containers, mainly used to package daily necessities and chemicals

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