PE wood plastic extrusion production line

Date: 8th Jul, 2017

Now the garden art body is mostly used PE wood plastic extrusion production line( to do the pe material of wood products, PE wood plastic extrusion production line in the application of garden art has become the inevitable trend of the development of modern gardens, which is mainly because the wood products Merit to decide.

PE wood plastic extrusion production line advantages

1, environmentally friendly: the use of recycled materials (wood and plastic) do not need to be anti-corrosion treatment
2, do not need routine maintenance, life than wood long non-hygroscopic, tide, do not rot, pest control is not broken, cracking, deformation is not sensitive to cold and hot environment
3, polyolefin wood-plastic composite mechanical properties, and can be widely used for carrying structural materials;
4, polyolefin wood-plastic materials 95% of the raw materials for renewable materials, so the cost is low, while the product can be 100% recycling;
5, pvc class wood-plastic composite material through the micro-foam to improve the impact strength, reduce the proportion of the real imitation wood.

Pe wood-plastic production line can do a variety of styles of wood-plastic park chairs, wood-plastic floor, wood-plastic signs, etc.

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