LDPE Recycle Washing Line



LDPE washing line is also called PP bag washing line, LLDPE recycling plant, film recycling machine.
LLDPE waste film recycling production line, LDPE plastic sheeting recycling crushing washing line, recycling of waste LDPE film crushing equipment, cleaning and drying vinyl plastic film made particle recycling machinery, scrap film processing equipment, film recycling machine, LDPE film recycling line crushing granulation. Dispose of braided belt, film and other soft plastic floating class.Its capacity is from 300kg/h-2000kg/h.

Machine material is made from stainless steel 304 or Carbon steel.

Its main process is conveyor to crusher(crushing) to friction loader(washing) to floating wash (washing)- to friction loader(washing) to floating wash(washing) – to friction loader(washing) to high speed dewatering machine(dehydration) to dryer system(drying) finally to silo(storing and packing)Plastic film is valuable secondary resources in recycling market, recycled film can be used to produce wide range of products.

The waste plastic film to be processed can be in different conditions in terms of humidity, contamination, form. The plastic film in recycling market are basically divided into the following families:

  1. Agricultural film (including greenhouse, mulching,, tunnel and banana film)
  2. Post-consumer film (including film from landfills and selective collections)
  3. Post-commercial and post-industrial film (including material 100% stretch)
For the film recycling industry, Silver Python RECYCLING offers a series of well developed recycling lines for the efficient recycling of all kinds of film materials.

Typical Process



Name Specification(mm) Quantity
Inclined conveyor W800*L6000 1
Crusher 900A 1
Screw conveyor φ400*L3500 1
Friction washer φ500*L3500 1
Washing tank W1250*H1800*L6000 1
Friction washer φ500*L4000 1
Washing tank W1250*H1800*L6000 1
Screw conveyor φ400*L3500 1
Dehydrator 500Model 1
Hot air dryer 1000L Silo 1
Electric control cabinet CHINET electric 1

Unit consumption

Item Average consumption per ton film
Electricity 180-250kw
Steam (optional) 0-5kg
Washing detergent (optional) 0-100kg
Water 1.5-2.0T

Estimated plant parameters

Model Capacity (output) Power installed Area Compressed Air Water supply
SPLE500 500kg/h 180KW 150m^2 0.50m^2 2m^2
SPLE1000 1000kg/h 290KW 300m^2 0.50m^2 2m^2
SPLE2000 2000kg/h 380KW m^2 m^2 m^2
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