How To Use Plastic Granulator

Date: 23th Nov, 2015

In daily life, many people do not know more for plastic granulator, so mechanical failures were caused by operational errors often. At the same time, such a wrong operation will reduce the life of plastic recycling pelletizer machine. Let us see how to use a single screw plastic granulation machine to avoid unnecessary problems properly.

  1. Pay attention to fire safety, to ensure that a fire extinguisher is put near plastic granulator machine.
  2. Forbid irrelevant personnel chat with equipment operator. Only allow single operator person to control the operation button on the electronic control panel.
  3. Testing wire circuit insulation effect regularly., Always aware of warnings sign on the machine. The event of failure or abnormal conditions must be reported to the related person and dealed with by professional maintenance personnel. If unusual things happened which effect safety, press the emergency stop switch immediately.
  4. Single screw plastic granulating machine operate to use hydraulic oil with cleanliness and viscosity. And supply enough flow water for cooling oil cooler, to avoid Hydraulic components and pipe blocking and leaking oil due to oil pollution or high temperature. Extruder gear units should be filling with satisfactory lubricating oil.
  5. Operate Single screw plastic pelletizing machine strictly to follow the rules. Operation in Non-operating stations shall be illegal. Ensure the reliability of safety devices not to break machine protection device if only for pursuit of efficiency. All factors that cause the machine damage and accidents must be prevented.

It would be helpful to use plastic recycling machine properly which to prolong its life. From a long-term perspective, the proper mode of operation is no doubt to be the most important part!

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