SLBU series (High Speed PE Bottles Extrusion Blow Moulding Machine)



  1. this machine is suitable for the production of 200ML-10L plastic hollow products, the use of curved elbow lock system, low energy consumption, the center of the lock force, speed faster, run more smoothly.
  2. die opening and closing system: specially designed for Heng lock mould mechanism using a high pressure mode locking, locking plate stress in the center of template, clamping force, open the rigid lock template, even if the ultra wide die is also fitted.
  3. die head system: all the use of 38CRMOALA and other materials, the precision machining and heat treatment.
  4. hydraulic system: full hydraulic double proportional hydraulic control, equipped with imported famous brand hydraulic valve and oil pump, stable, reliable.
  5. automatic flying side device: in addition to the overflow device can accurately remove the product of the residual material, and with a straight push type in addition to the overflow device and a rotary knife type in addition to overflow device, the real realization automatic equipment without manual operation.
  6. Its wide applicance in high speed pe bottles extrusion blow moulding machine,high speed pe bottles extrusion blow moulding machine,baby feeding bottle blow molding machine,baby feeding bottle blow molding machine.


Specifications SLBU-65 SLBU-80
Max container capacity L 5 10
Number of die Set 1,2,3,4,6,8 1,2,3,4,6,8
Output(dry Cycle) pc/hr 1000*2 950*2
Machine Dimension(LxWxH) M 3400*2600*2200 3500*2600*2600
Total weight Ton 5T 6T
Clamping Unit SLBU-65 SLBU-80
Clamping force KN 65 86
Platen opening stroke MM 150—420 170—450
Platen size(WxH) MM 400*430 450*450
Max mould size(WxH) MM 460*430 500*450
Mold thickness MM 155—250 175—250
Extruder unit SLBU-65 SLBU-80
Screw diameter MM 65 80
Screw L/D ratio L/D 25 25
Melting capacity KG/HR 70 120
Number of heating zone KW 15 20
Extruder heating power Zone 3 3
Extruder driving power KW 11(15) 18.5(22)
Die head SLBU-65 SLBU-80
Number of heating zone KW 2—–5 2—–5
Power of die heating MM 6 6
Center distance of double die MM 120 130
Center distance of tri-die MM 80 80
Center distance of tetra-die MM 60 60
Center distance of six-die MM 60 60
Max die-pin diameter KW 180 260
Power SLBU-65 SLBU-80
Max drive KW 18 27.5
Total power KW 42 55
Fan power for screw KW 0.42 0.42
Air pressure mpa 0.6 0.6
Air consumption m3/min 0.4 0.5
Average energy consumption KW 18 22
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