Choose the sites for PET plastic bottle recycling

Date: 7th Dec, 2015

As we know,the recycling rate of the plastic bottles, especially recycled PET bottles is very high. Some people are specialized in plastic bottle recycling business. But we need to pay more attention to some problems of hollow product, like plastic bottles, which may be happened in the process of recycling. Today our silver python company analysis it carefully .

Firstly, the waste plastic bottles are belongs to hollow products, which need to occupied a lot of room. The market price of plastic bottle recycling is always fluctuating. To people who is recycling of large plastic bottles, in order to ship in a reasonable time, he naturally want to occupy a large part of the space. So we need to not only pay attention to easy transportation, but also to large open spaces, when we choose the sites for PET plastic bottles recycling.

Secondly, waste plastic bottles are easy to breed varieties of bacteria. So we need to pay more attention to health issues are. If choose the address in the around of neighborhoods, it may affect the surrounding environments, and led to neighbors’ complaints.

Finally, it is important to pay attention to fire control, as plastic bottles are flammable products. It is easy to catch fire because of high internal temperature, when a large number of plastic bottles are accumulated, especially in the summer, or rainy season.

To friends who are working on plastic bottles recycling hope the recycling work is done smoothly by analyzing & considering from all varieties of factors. When you are choosing plastic recycling granulate machines , u can refer to our silver python’s plastic granulate machines to buy special PET plastic bottle recycling machines. The price of full set of equipment is from 30,000 -100,000, based on your different needs, Silver python’s engineers can offer professional advices.

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