Application of plastic waste in Wood – Plastic Composites

Date: 1st Jul, 2017

As the thermal stability of wood temperature below 200 degrees, so the production can only be used in 200 degrees below the plastic can be processed. Production, the commonly used plastic is PE, PP, PVC. In order to use the wood-plastic composite in the price and the logs have a certain degree of competitiveness, in actual production often use waste plastic as a matrix and wood fiber composite. Then, the plastic waste and new resin compared to the ingredients mixed with other impurities, the general performance is relatively poor. In the era of environmental pollution and energy pressure increasingly urgent, compared to landfill, incineration and other garbage recycling methods, the use of waste plastics to prepare wood-plastic composite material is a relatively environmentally friendly and economical way. Not only to solve the plastic waste brought about by environmental pollution problems, but also to obtain a better use of new materials, so the method is currently popular. At present, the research of wood and plastic is mainly focused on the use of single-component waste plastic and new materials and recycled materials, two mixed plastic production of wood-plastic composite materials, rubbish plastic can solve environmental problems to open up new ways.

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