Application and Development Trend of Wood Plastic

Date: 8th Jul, 2017

Silver python machinery produce wood-plastic extrusion line, can use the recycling of waste plastics, mixed with wood for the production of plastic wood flooring which are full range of wood-plastic products, product quality and texture clear , glossy, anti-corrosion, safety and environmental protection, by the vast number of consumers of all ages.

The environmental performance of wood-plastic composites and their processing performance advantages over wood make this material more and more popular, and the market prospect is also promising.

1, wood plastic tray, packaging and other packaging products

Wood composite materials used in the packaging industry is mainly trays (Southeast Asia, also known as card board), crates, containers and other equipment. Tray only, for example, the North American tray up to more than 200 million, wood-plastic tray products have accounted for nearly half of the market. According to the Japan Trap Association (JRP) statistics, the amount of Japanese pallets per year about 6 million. China Logistics and Purchasing Federation Pallet Professional Committee predicted that in recent years, I {TodayHot} the average use of wooden pallets will exceed 80 million per year, of which wood-plastic tray will also be more and more favored, will occupy A certain market share.

2, plank, shop beam and other warehousing products

Wood-plastic composite materials due to tide resistance, corrosion resistance, anti-insects and other characteristics, mainly used in the storage industry to use the shelf plate, sleepers, paving beams, flooring and so on. In China, the storage industry, although the use of wood-plastic composite materials started late, but in the first half of 2002, applied to the pharmaceutical industry, grain storage industry, the amount of wood warehouses have reached more than 80,000 square meters, used in the military field of wood Plastic sleepers use up to 200,000 m.

3, outdoor plank road, pavilion, chairs and other urban construction supplies

Wood-plastic composite pavilion, chairs, flower pots, trash cans, etc., with waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion characteristics, and long life, low prices, widely used in North America. Garden in Vancouver, Canada, more than 70% of roadside chairs are used wood-plastic composite materials. In China, with the construction of a conservation-oriented society slogan, in these areas wood-plastic composite materials to replace the trend of timber has become increasingly evident.

4, housing, flooring, building templates and other building materials

In recent years, the use of wood-plastic composite materials in North America, the production of houses, outdoor flooring, sun room, docks, fence and other products more and more manufacturing products such as the annual output value of up to hundreds of millions of dollars. The famous US consulting firm Freedonia Group expects the US wood-plastic composite material demand growth of 13% in 2006, the total output value in 2006 will reach 2 billion US dollars, the faster growth for a variety of sheet, window frames, Fence, fence market. The largest volume of the plate market, from $ 410 million in 2001, increased to $ 900 million in 2006, improving the performance and public awareness of the pros and cons of high-pressure treated wood, and the fence and fence increased from $ 163 million to $ 315 million US dollars, while the window frames and door frames will also be from 2006 only $ 65 million, up to $ 135 million in 2006.

5, car interior decoration, pipe and other products

With the continuous improvement of the understanding of wood-plastic composites, the quality of wood-plastic composite materials has been continuously upgraded. The application areas of the products have been expanding in recent years. Automobile interior decoration, composite pipe, railway sleepers, car box boxes, cable protection, covers and so on Product development, has been from the demonstration stage into the application testing stage, I believe in the near future, wood-plastic composite products will continue to expand the application area. Such as the use of cars in the United States, “Ford”, Germany “Mercedes”, “Audi”, “Golf”, “BMW”, Japan “Toyota”, France “Citroen”, Sweden “Volvo” Materials, are used to varying degrees, WPC materials. From the recent session of the International Auto Expo launch of the car parts and components products, the use of WPC materials manufacturing car interior parts base material, has become the development trend of such products.

① to expand the scope of selection of raw materials. Now the wood-plastic composite materials are mostly single-component plastic (PP, PE, PVC, etc.) and wood powder compound, and recycling of waste plastic is often a multi-component mixture, separation is very difficult. How to use multi-component mixed recycled plastic directly with the wood powder compound to reduce costs and improve resource utilization, will become a new research direction.

② special equipment development. In the traditional equipment on the basis of transformation, the development of more suitable for wood-plastic composite materials processing equipment.

③ processing technology development. The introduction of foam technology, material costs, extended use of materials.

④ Add special additives to the product. Such as colorants, light stabilizers, antibacterial agents, etc., the product from low value-added (such as wood-plastic tray, storage floor) to high value-added (such as interior materials) development.

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