Waste plastics crushing cleaning machine Application

Date: 25th Jul, 2016

Waste plastics crushing cleaning machine Application (waste plastic recycling washing machine, plastic waste crushing recycling machine, film cleaning machine, floating washing tank).

Silver python machinery is specializing in the production of pe pp plastic recycling machine/film washing line, mainly for PE (LDPE / HDPE / LLDPE) film, plastic sheeting, plastic, big films, PP woven bags and plastic PET bottles, PET bottles of tablets, spa water bottles, Coke bottles ,recycling of waste plastics,crushing,washing,drying,, recycling granulator, the entire recycling production line is high automation, energy saving, large output, and long life. According to customer requirements, from plastic waste collection, sorting, crushing, washing to recycle granulation, we design and produce the entire plastic recycling machine production line. we have nearly 20 years of design and production experience in plastic recycling. Complete production line in the production process, no pollution, no noise, no secondary pollution of the environment caused, in line with national energy conservation, environmental protection requirements, waste plastic recycling washing machine line is mainly for high-end market. The recycled granule sale high price due to even quality.

PP PE recycling line is designed for recycling plastic agriculture film which contains a lot of sand and dirt are designed for. plastic waste crushing recycling machine line are high-efficiency in crushing, washing and drying ,capacity strong. Typically, according to the practical needs and the actual situation of the customer area ,we offer for customized integration solutions.

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