Waste PET bottle recycling washing line make up

Date: 7th Sep, 2016

plastic bottle crushing washing drying line, with function of PET bottle crushing, washing dirty impurities and drying bottle flakes Depending on the standard PET bottle production, bottle by the degree of pollution and production requirements of customers, we developed a series of corresponding solutions
PET flake washing line typically contains the following equipment:

  1. baler opener – compacted bale of PET bottles broken
  2. label remover – removal may contain stones, pieces of metal and cap off
  3. manual selection platform (optional) – picked up colors PET bottles
  4. metal detector – detection material may contain metal
  5. pre-washing machine – removing a portion of the sediment and the remaining liquid bottle, label friction rubbing it off
  6. Crusher 1 (including feeding device) – crush PET bottles with water
  7. screw loader – Conveyor and cleaning
  8. Crushers 2 – further ground with water to a smaller size PET bottle flakes
  9. screw loader 2 – delivery and cleaning
  10. centrifugal dewatering machine – Cleaning and dried PET bottle flakes
  11. Z-type sorting system 1 – Removal of the label
  12. hot washer – high temperature cleaning PET bottles, bottle chip cleaning grease and glue
  13. floating washer (according to production requirements determine the number of the device) – remove the bottle cap and label PET bottle flakes cleaning
  14. centrifugal dehydrator 2 – cleaned and dried PET bottle flakes
  15. Z-type sorting system 2 – removing possible remaining label
  16. packing system
  17. electrical control box
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