To solve the white pollution of a major hero – plastic recycling machine plastic granulating machine

Date: 19th Jul, 2017

plastic recycling machine plastic granulating machine with its light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, easy processing and other excellent performance in all areas of economic construction plays an important role, but with the extensive application of plastic, waste plastic processing has become a difficult problem , The waste of plastic is difficult to natural degradation, will cause environmental pollution, but also cause waste of resources, especially packaging plastic, accounting for a large proportion of waste plastics. Plastic waste recycling is a turning waste into treasure, to solve the ecological pollution great hero – plastic recycling machine plastic granulating machine.
With the development of science and technology, the ecological pollution is more and more serious, one of the waste plastic pollution is particularly important, the current plastic recycling are to waste plastic processing plant after crushing, and then through the plastic recycling machine for granulation, Noise, dust and more workers poor labor environment, screw extrusion granulation is through the friction and electric heating of waste plastics will be melted by the screw extrusion granulation, the whole process of energy consumption.

In order to overcome the existing plastic recycling process in the process of grinding the noise, dust, improve the working conditions of workers to overcome the existing waste plastics processing process energy consumption is too large, reduce energy consumption, waste plastic recycling granulation equipment include: , The stirring shaft, the upper melting chamber, the rack, the stirring rod, the grid, the spacer, the lower melting chamber, the spiral blade, the screw, the inlet pipe, the heating element, the circulating gas inlet, the fan, the extrusion die and the transmission mechanism.

plastic recycling machine plastic granulating machine design principle: the preparation room in the upper melting chamber through the door connected to the mixing rod device stirring shaft, driven by the transmission mechanism, the upper and lower melting chamber through the grid separation, stirring the lower part of the shaft is the spiral, The heating element is connected with the heating chamber, the heating chamber is connected with the heating chamber, the heating chamber is connected with the melting chamber through the inlet pipe, and the transmission mechanism is a chain drive , Driven by the motor through the chain drive deceleration after the drive shaft rotation.

The advantages of plastic recycling machine plastic granulating machine are that the waste plastic is heated and melted by hot air, and the molten plastic melt is extruded through the screw, and the recycled waste plastic is not required to be crushed. Therefore, the noise and dust are avoided. The working conditions of the workers; by controlling the hot air temperature can prevent the plastic in the melting process is too high temperature degradation, hot air can be recycled, its recycling to reduce energy consumption.

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