Silver python machinery plastic blow moulding machine regular maintenance process

Date: 24th Jun, 2017

Silver python machinery plastic blow moulding machine regular maintenance process is as follows:

1. feeding system, vacuum system, head leakage material cleaning, timely replacing of seals.

2. Check the replacement filter.

3. check and deal with cooling water, lubricating oil and other piping, pipe leakage situation.

4. timely replenishment of hydraulic oil to ensure that the oil level in the middle of the oil standard, the ambient temperature can be used when the 32 anti-wear hydraulic oil, high ambient temperature 46 anti-wear hydraulic oil.

5. every two months to a month, should observe the oil level window of the reducer, oil level below the specified value, it is necessary to timely add appropriate 220 intermediate hydraulic gear oil.

6. after the opening of the new machine, in 300-600 hours to replace the oil, the replacement time to be in the reducer to the lubricating oil has not yet cooled, the box is also the same quality of lubricating oil rinse.

Middle of repair process (cycle of 24 months)

1. Check and repair the screw surface, screw splines, check or replace the perforated plate, filter.

2. check the gear box gear tooth surface situation, measuring the backlash, clean the bottom of the tank at the end of the oil, clear oil seals and other oil and oil change.

3. Check the main motor bearings and refill the oil.

4. Check the connection of the gear unit output shaft with the screw to see its coaxiality and wear.

5. Check the electric heater and the electronic control part.

6. Check the hydraulic system, replace the working fluid, clean the filter oil filter and replace, check or replace the valve, check the operation of the servo system Big repair (5-6 years).

1. Remove the extruder screw, measure and record the outer diameter of the screw, straightness, if necessary, to correct.

2. check the screw spline with the gap, wear, clear burr.

3. Check and repair the scratches on the cylinder surface.

4. Check and adjust the coaxiality of the barrel to the output shaft of the gear unit, the level of the cylinder and the gear unit, and measure the clearance between the screw and the barrel.

5. disassemble and check the bearing, lubricating oil pump, main reducer, oil dispenser, seal and moving parts, check the replacement of oil seals, bearings and other wearing parts, repair gear tooth surface, adjust the parts gap, clean the tank and oil change.

Disassembly Check Repair Feeder and Feed Motor

7. check the hydraulic system, a comprehensive cleaning, testing the hydraulic components, can not meet the requirements should be replaced.

8. Horizontal correction of the base.

9. re-paint the body.

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