Recycled plastic has become the best raw material of wood

Date: 1st Jul, 2017

First, the recycling of waste plastics and plastic recycling market prospects?
China’s annual production of waste plastics is about 600-800 million tons, of which the film, fishing nets, beverage bottles, packaging equipment and other large amount of waste and difficult to deal with, “white pollution” from the sky. Now the domestic plastic recycling rate of less than 30%. Wood plastic material is a kind of new material which can produce high value added. The technology of plastic recycling can not only provide a stable and economical raw material source for the development of wood-plastic industry, but also can alleviate the negative impact caused by the continuous rise of oil prices.

Second, wood-plastic composite material is what kind of material?
Wood-plastic composite material is based on the main raw material of crop fiber and forest product waste and other raw materials, the use of polymer interface chemistry and plastic filling characteristics, with a certain percentage of plastic base material, after a special process Processing a kind of reversible recycling, covering a wide range of product types, the structure of a variety of basic materials.

Third, wood-plastic composite materials with five characteristics?
1, raw material resources, that is, part of its raw materials can be achieved comprehensive utilization of resources and effective use.
2, the product can be plasticized, according to the use of requirements to produce different properties and shape of the material / products.
3, the application of environmental protection, that is, wood-plastic composite wood / plastic substrate and its common additives are safe and environmentally friendly.
4, the cost of economic, that is, wood products to achieve a low value of materials to the transfer of high value-added products.
5, recycling and recycling, that is, wood-plastic materials, scrap products and recyclable waste can be 100% of the recycling.

Fourth, for wood-plastic materials in the composite processing of plastic raw materials is what?
Thermoplastic, mainly nylon (PA), polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), polystyrene (PS), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene copolymer ), Etc., including new materials, recycled materials and a mixture of the two.

However, due to the poor thermal stability of wood fiber, so the processing temperature of 200 ℃ below the thermoplastic in the production is more widely used. In the application practice, polyethylene, polypropylene substrate is mainly used for structural building products; PVC substrate is mainly used for light decorative building materials
5, wood-plastic composite materials in the production of the proportion of mixing is how much?
From the plastic / wood two phase is currently in the production of mixing ratio, from 5: 5, 4: 6 to 3: 7 have.

Six, plastic in the role of wood-plastic composite materials?
1, adhesive effect. That is, the plastic is fully mixed with the wood flour under hot-frying conditions, and the loose wood powder can be bonded together after cooling to form a composite material with mechanical strength.
2, enhance the role. As the plastic in the wood-plastic composite process plays a role in bonding wood powder, therefore, the nature of the plastic used in the nature of wood-plastic composite material plays an important role. For the same size and structure of wood-plastic composite products, in the same wood powder ratio and process conditions, the use of plastic properties can be directly expressed in the performance of composite materials.

What is the main basis for the selection of plastic polymers?
The inherent properties of the polymer, the availability of raw materials, the performance requirements of the product, the cost and the degree of its grasp.
In addition, the melt flow index (MFI) of plastic has some influence on the performance of the composites. Under the same processing conditions, the MFI of the resin is higher, the overall wettability of the wood powder is better, the distribution of the wood powder is more uniform, The wetting and distribution of wood flour may directly affect the mechanical properties of the product, especially the impact strength and other mechanical properties. Therefore, the role of plastic in the wood-plastic material can be described as important.

8, China’s wood industry development is the basic positioning
China’s wood-plastic industry, the basic positioning of the development of the world today, resources and the environment is considered two major problems, and wood-plastic material is the most special thing it is the breadth of raw materials and renewable.

Wood-plastic materials can reflect the natural, natural nature of the recycling characteristics, in line with “resources – products – waste – renewable resources,” the feedback cycle process, can more effectively use resources and protect the environment, Advocate “with the smallest possible resource consumption and environmental costs, access to the greatest possible economic and social benefits, so that the economic system and the natural ecosystem of the material circulation process of mutual harmony and promote sustainable use of resources.

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