Recycled plastic has become the best raw material of wood

Date: 1st Jul, 2017

Recycled plastic has become the best raw materials of wood plastic China Wood is a very young industry, it grew up the history of 10 years, no matter from which side, are still immature. But the emerging wood-plastic composite materials can be rooted in China’s vast land, its own unique conditions and the coming and going of the background. It is particularly important that, as a country where people can not use resources are not yet rich, we need such a kind of innovative products that can fully reflect the transformation of science and technology into productive forces because it can better interpret resource development, recycling, health and environmental protection, Sustainable development and other new scientific ideas. In this sense, concerned about the living conditions of recycled plastics, China’s wood-plastic industry, the scientific concept of development, not only has important social significance, but also contains a high economic value.

Wood-plastic composite material is based on the main raw material of crop fiber and forest product waste and other raw materials, the use of polymer interface chemistry and plastic filling characteristics, with a certain percentage of plastic base material, after a special process Processing a kind of reversible recycling, covering a wide range of product types, the structure of a variety of basic materials. At present, there are different names at home and abroad, there are also known as: plastic wood, green wood, wood technology, renewable wood or Poly wood, the standard English name: Wood & fiber Plastic Composites, the industry known as the WPC. The commercialization of wood-plastic materials probably originated in the 1980s, one of the main birthplace in the United States. From a macro point of view, the development of this new material from the rational use of limited resources required; the direct cause is because the United States is facing more and more waste plastics need to be addressed. In the plastic processing often add some low cost, but also improve the plastic rigid wood material, so on the basis of the birth of the earliest wood-plastic materials. Also because of this, the initial wood-plastic material has been treated as a modified plastic. However, with the continuous improvement of the level of wood-plastic composite materials production technology, its finished products gradually have such as plastic, wood, metal and other materials of many advantages, product features gradually emerged, gradually become a self-contained new materials, Rather than an extension of a class of material or vassal.

Wood-plastic composite material has five characteristics: 1, raw material resources, that is part of its raw materials can be achieved comprehensive utilization of resources and effective use. 2, the product can be plasticized, according to the use of requirements to produce different properties and shape of the material / products. 3, the application of environmental protection, that is, wood-plastic composite wood / plastic substrate and its common additives are safe and environmentally friendly. 4, the cost of economic, that is, wood products to achieve a low value of materials to the transfer of high value-added products. 5, recycling and recycling, that is, wood-plastic materials, scrap products and recyclable waste can be 100% of the recycling.

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