PP PE recycling plant

Date: 2nd March,2016

LDPE film / PP woven bag plastic recycling crushing washing machine are also known as waste film crushing and washing equipment, PE plastic sheeting film recycling crushing washing line, LDPE waste plastic film washing production line, hdpe film recycling line, PP woven bags recycle washing crushing line. this set of production line solve issues of larger working and water consumption for waste film (plastic sheeting, plastic film, packaging film, trash film etc.) through continuous exploration and practice, the introduction, digestion and absorption of advanced concepts and technologies, combined with the needs of today’s development ,we developed a plastic film /bag crushing washing lines, greatly improved production capacity, reduce water consumption and power consumption. Equipments are fully automatic ,from opening package, first crushing – sand removal – second crushing – Cleaning – dehydration –to granulation . finished granules are substantially achieved the quality of new materials, widely used in blown film, injection molding extrusion, granulation processing and other fields.

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