Plastic recycling material to the new use: wood plastic

Date: 8th Jul, 2017

With the strengthening of environmental awareness, the use of timber resources, thus we strengthen the efficient use of waste plastics and crop straw and other resources. Compare with current market with natural wood fiber composite materials (such as composite flooring), new wood materials use of natural wood fiber waste and Plastic recycling material production not only is low cost, and does not contain formaldehyde and other harmful substances .

1. Product Features

The products have the following characteristics:
1.1 products without paint, do not pollute the environment, recyclable;
1.2 anti-ultraviolet, excellent weather resistance, easy to corrosion, suitable for outdoor, open air Sun and rain of leisure, sports venues, near water landscape and other places;
1.3 according to the user needs color palette, can be cleaned, easy maintenance;
1.4 moth, anti-corrosion, waterproof;
1.5 simple processing, any wood processing machinery can be competent ;
1.6 mechanical properties, 98% of the raw materials for the waste material, and the price is cheap, can be made into a variety of cross-sectional shape of the products, can be saw, can planer, can be nailed;
1.7 long fungus, strong acid and alkali,

2. Use range
2.1 Building materials: indoor and outdoor various panels, fences, building templates, partition panels, movable houses, moisture-proof partitions, stair panels, handrails, windows and doors, platforms, water construction, road boards, etc .; Board, floor, seat back, dashboard, seat floor, roof and so on.
2.2 interior decoration: all kinds of decorative strip, decorative panels, frame frame, curtain rods, curtains and decorative pieces, activities shutters, ceilings, siding, wall panels and so on.
2.3 garden materials: outdoor tables and chairs, outdoor handrails and decorative panels, flower boxes, open space, waste boxes and so on.
2.4 packaging transport materials: a variety of transport trays and export packaging tray, warehouse bedding plate, all kinds of crates, transport glass shelves, and so on.

Wood and plastic both wood and plastic performance advantages, the appearance of wood and very similar advantages not only low cost, and does not contain formaldehyde and other harmful substances on the human body. Turning waste into treasure, chemical harm for the benefit, with high economic and social benefits, in line with the scientific concept of development and sustainable development requirements, in line with the construction of a conservation – oriented society and the development of circular economy requirements, with broad prospects.

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