larger drum 1000L to 2000L plastic blow molding machine


(1) Flat pallet
(2) Column pallet  Column pallet can be divided into two kinds, the fixed one and the removable one, its basic structure is that there are 4 steel stand columns on the 4 angles of the pallet, the beam can be connected above the column to form a frame model. The main effect of the column pallet is to support the objects and stack them up by the stand columns, the other effect is to prevent the goods on the pallet from dropping during the transportation and handling process.
(3) Box pallet  Box pallet is that with side plates on the four sides, some boxes have top plates, some not. The box plate has three kinds, fixed, folded and removable ones. The side plate has three types, plate type, fence type and net type, therefore, the fence type box pallet is also called cage pallet or warehouse cage. The box pallet has strong protection capacity to avoid goods dropping and damaging; it can load abnormal things but can’t stabilize the stacking goods, which is applied widely.
(4) Wheel pallet  Compared with column pallet and box pallet, wheel pallet has small wheels at the bottom. Therefore, it can be moved in short distances, shipped by itself or roll upward or downward to load, it is widely used and has strong applicability.
(5) Special type pallet  Because working with pallets has high efficiency, is safe and stable, especially in some situations which meed to work quickly, it can highlight the importance of pallet, so many countries research and produce various special pallets.

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