How To Buy Plastic Granulator

Date: 23th Nov, 2015

Step 1. Know usage & purpose of buying plastic granulation production line

There are two kinds of Customers who bought plastic recycling machine or plastic granulator is ready to invest in business, usually are individuals or private business; the other itself is a manufacture ,need to buy plastic pelletizing machine (plastic recycling plant)to process recycled scrap flakes ,to maximize the use of them; another kind is the distributor or trader .Let us focus on some attention before investing to buy plastic pelletizer machine. customers marketed researching for buyout of their local raw materials thoroughly, because of many types of plastics, we usually process common plastics , unless customer have a special sale channels for specialty plastics. common plastic are PP and PE. These two of raw material could be found from market everywhere, like pots, buckets, plastic sheeting, plastic film, bags and so on. PS foam material is relatively less, but if this material are more found locally, it would be a good choice. In short, before purchasing plastic granulate machine or plastic recycling machine, customer should have a definite idea for which raw material or recycled raw material to process.

Step 2. Decide the invest amount

After we decided the project, we need to decide how much money we can use based on our economy capability, like 300000 to 50000rmb or 60000 to 100000 around. This way can help to save much time and choose much directly. If the invest amount is 30000-50000, we suggest to make sheet stock by using simple equipment (rmb10000 around). And if the invest amount is 60000-100000, we can choose to make pelleting. There is some risk on choosing invest amount. So we need do according to our abilities to decide the invest amount to buy which kind &style of plastic granulator.

Step 3. Collect related information of plastic granulator by different ways

The information collection is very important, which can help to know well the plastic granulator we will buy. There are some ways to collect plastic granulators. Firstly, to know one factory some by internet. Secondly, go agency to have a look and use their equipment. Thirdly, hear more suggestions from the friends who working on this field and using their experience as referring. Finally, call our cooperated factories to know the performance, price, after-sale service of their own plastic granulator. Then compare the advantage and disadvantage to choose the factory we are prefer to.

Step 4. Choose the style of plastic granulator

We can know the character of plastic granulator by collecting its information. But we only got perceptual cognizance by reading this information. We need to go to factory to look and use this machine to get rational knowledge. We also can see others” plastic granulator and hear their comments. We can let the seller to open the plastic granulator to see the production capability, and see the output and quality whether to be matched or not. We need to see machine and also need to ask for the price. And noticed that the seller will keep some gap for bargaining. The cheaper one may have good or bad quality after comparing several factories. The important thing is to try out of plastic granulator on site with friends who know this field very well.

Step 5. Choose the right time to buy plastic granulator

After we confirmed to buy this plastic granulator, we need to choose a good time to buy it. The good time is means to buy it when this machine was in lowest price level, as the price always changing by market all the time. It is important to judge the market condition. We need to consider of sales promotion by seller on festival day.
We believe to get a economic, suitable plastic granulator by above steps.

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