HDPE Recycle Washing Line



It’s use for HDPE recycle washing line, plastic washing line, HDPE bottle washing line, plastic washing plant, plastic waste washing plant.
Regeneration recycle this set of equipment production line mainly deal with this set of everyday life milk bottle waste, cosmetic bottles, shampoo bottles, blue barrels, waste box, plastic chairs, plastic barrels HDPE, PP, PO, etc. floating rigid plastic cleaning.Its capacity is from 1000kg/h-7000kg/h.

Machine material is made from stainless steel 304 or Carbon steel.
Its main process is conveyor to crusher(crushing) to screw loader(deliver) to floating wash (washing)- to loader(deliver) to high speed dewatering machine(dehydration) to dryer system(drying) finally to silo(storing and packing).

In the field of the recycling plants for HDPE and PP materials coming from urban and industrial collection sites, the HDPE and PP waste vary significantly from country to country, but also within the same country. Also the HDPE and PP materials has different size from small to big:
HDPE /PP bottles and containers,
HDPE /PP barrels and boxes
HDPE /PP chairs,desk, pipes
Silver Python has developed HDPE recycling line continuously, a series of modular components can be provided to match the different features of HDPE/PP materials.
With Silver Python’s tailor made recycling solutions, the most of the worst contaminants are eliminated in early step to reach the best final flakes quality with low consumption.

Capacity: 1000kg/h, 2000kg/h, 3000kg, 7000kg/h

Typical Process



Name Specification(mm) Quantity
Belt conveyor W800*L6000 1
Crusher 900B 1
Screw conveyor Φ400*4000 1
Big washer Φ400*5000 1
Screw conveyor Φ400*4000 1
Belt conveyor W800*L2500 1
Friction washer(strong) Φ400*4000 1
Screw conveyor Φ400*4000 1
Big washer Φ400*5000 1
Screw conveyor Φ400*4000 1
Belt conveyor W800*L2500 1
Screw conveyor Φ400*2500 1
Vertical dehydrator 300type 2

Unit consumption

Item Average consumption per ton bottle
Electricity 50-80kw
Steam (optional) 0-100kg
Washing detergent (optional) 0-3kg
Water 0.8-1.5T

Estimated plant parameters

Model Capacity (output) Power installed Area Compressed Air Water supply
SPHE1000 1000kg/h 150KW 200m^2 0.50m^2 2m^2
SPHE2000 2000kg/h 190KW 300m^2 0.50m^2 3m^2
SPHE3000 3000kg/h 250KW 400m^2 1m^2 4.5m^2
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