SLBS series (Bottles Jerry Cans Blow Moulding Machines)

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  1. the mold head mechanism: the use of the split type of the head, not channeling material, more uniform, more uniform, planting processing, not accumulating material, the material is more smooth.
  2. plasticizing system: frequency conversion motor Hardened reducer with high quality nitride barrel screw, variable frequency speed control, energy efficient and stable yield.
  3. electronic control system: the use of PLC man-machine interface, all parameters set, modify, retrieval can be seen as the operation, the system runs stable, accurate positioningIndeed.
  4. application areas: food, medicine, petroleum, chemical, automotive, tools, toys and other industries.
  5. can be equipped with automatic overflow device: supporting cutting device and pull the end device, automatic operation, save labor.
  6. Its wide applicance in 30L~50L Bottles/Jerry Cans Blow Moulding machines HDPE, 15~25L water bottles making machine PC 5 gallon blow machine, car seat blow moulding machine.


Specifications SLBS-100
Max container capacity L 50
Number of die Set 300*2
Output(dry Cycle) pc/hr 6400*6400*4
Machine Dimension(LxWxH) M 20T
Total weight Ton 3T
Clamping Unit SLBS-100
Clamping force KN 200
Platen opening stroke MM 350–850
Platen size(WxH) MM 850*800
Max mould size(WxH) MM 590*700
Mold thickness MM 360–500
Extruder unit SLBS-100
Screw diameter MM 100
Screw L/D ratio L/D 28
Melting capacity KG/HR 160
Number of heating zone KW 28
Extruder heating power Zone 5
Extruder driving power KW 45
Die head SLBS-100
Number of heating zone KW 5
Power of die heating MM 18
Max die-pin diameter KW 260
Power SLBS-100
Max drive KW 42
Total power KW 95
Fan power for screw KW 0.5
Air pressure mpa 0.8
Air consumption m3/min 0.8
Average energy consumption KW 50
Accumulator capacity L 5
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